Reach Kids


Thank you to everyone who continues to support and pray for our ministry. We are truly blessed to know you are with us!Our team was able to go house to house this week to visit the kids and give them their Bible Verse Page and Devotions Booklet for the month. The kids still need to remain at their houses and will be able to submit their answers to us online.

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Armor of God

Our current Mabuhay Kids Church series is all about the Armor of God. We are learning what it is and how God designed it to protect us. Using sports illustrations and talking about how different sports gear protects us, we are learning the different parts of the Armor of God.


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Bible Verse!

A recent Mabuhay Kids Church theme was Creation and how God created everything (Nilikha ang Diyos ang lahat!)

The following theme was Purpose and how God didn’t just create you but he created you with a purpose. You life matters and is loved by him. We are God’s masterpiece!

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We love puppets! Here is Kuya Lito helping Sarah teach about being God’s Masterpiece.

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