Below is a list of companies address and phone number that will deliver your Box-of-Blessing to us. Literally from your doorstep to ours!

Find the town nearest you to find who you can send the Box-of-Blessing with.


We recommend 3 companies: LBC, ATLAS, and MOBILITY that we have never had an issue with in 10 years.

• Free Pick-Up! ATLAS and MOBILITY have the most consistently available drivers who will come and pick up the box at your church or home at no extra charge! LBC does the same however its been our feedback that LBC is harder to schedule which may be due to it being a larger company that is stretched.  You can normally schedule a free pick up through one of the shippers but sometimes it is quicker to take it in person to their office.


• Same Locations: You may notice that LBC and ATLAS are often in the same store (Seafood City) or within close proximity of each other. You may want to choose the company that offers a better price. Sometimes they offer a deal like: For each Large box you ship, you get to ship with it a box half its size for free. Or for every 5 boxes your 6th one is free. From what it seems, the ATLAS boxes are slightly bigger for the same price to ship it.

• Have Patience: Many of the employees, especially at LBC are on work visas and are use to mostly interacting with other Filipino. Their English might take a minute to get  use to, and they may take a few minutes to understand your English accent as well. :) Normally if they are shy, they will pass you off to a manager while you wait.

Mobility Express