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Team Huddle! Football season may be over but comment below to guess our current series…

Hint: Someone is wearing a helmet. 🙂

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Kids Church Live Stream

Here we are, excited to be back and streaming our live service each week for the kids. Our message topic for this week was that we are strengthened through prayer.

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New Missionaries Welcome!

The other day we welcomed some new missionaries to the Philippines. Their heart is to plant a church in Cebu. We are thankful for more people answering the call to missions!

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Ministry Core Team Reunion!

Following our mandatory quarantine at the hotel and then at home, we were happy to get together with our core team for a reunion and catch up with each of them. It was all big smiles, happy hearts and a few tears of joy to see each other again. What a blessing to serve the Lord with these young people

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Return to Manila!!

We are excited to share we arrived back in the Philippines last week! It has been a whirlwind of past few weeks to get here and multiple times petitioning the Philippine Immigration to allow our family an exemption. They just granted us this last month with the condition we return by the 1st of Feb. and we made it! We look forward to continuing to serve the Lord and our call here in the Philippines. Thank you everyone who has prayed for us and continuing to support our ongoing ministry.

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Blessing families

As Manila goes back into a stricter lockdown, our team were able to help affected families with some basic grocery items of rice and canned goods.

Thank you to each person who helps us to share God’s love and care to families in Manila.

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Bible Verse Winners!

The Bible Verse Challenge winners went shopping for their prizes this week! At first, we were trying to decide the best prize for them. We wanted something special – they spent so much time memorizing 36 Bible Verses! The hard part was knowing what they needed/wanted. Then, we had the idea that we give them a budget, take them shopping to a local department store and let them choose any prize they wanted… It says a lot that each woman chose very basic and practical items for their families. New sandals, a rice cooker, a backpack for their husband, a fan, a plastic container to hold their utensils or plates to protect them from mice, cockroaches and other bugs… Thank you for those who partner with us to help reach families and see lives transformed by the Word of God.

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Christmas Shoeboxes

Each year kids are thrilled to experience the joy of receiving a gift; Something unable to happen without churches and friends who send us Christmas gifts.

If you are interested in getting your church involved in sending us Christmas Shoeboxes, send us a message!

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