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Both of us arrived in the Philippines in January of 2006, Mark from America and Sarah from Australia but didn't meet until two years later in 2008. Mark has been under the Assemblies of God World Missions; USA as an ordained minister and Sarah the Australian Christian Churches (Assemblies of God; Australia).  Since they married in 2009, they have been under both mission sending agencies.  They have three kids who were all born in the Philippines.

Mark grew up in Santa Cruz, Ca, and raised in a Filipino church where God gave him a love for the Filipino people and their culture. He was involved mostly in children's ministry and worship. When he was a student at Central Bible College in Springfield, MO, God spoke to him about going to the Philippines to tell people about Jesus. When Mark prayed about those who needed Jesus in the Philippines, he heard God ask him: "Have I not called people to go, or have they not gone?". Mark knew God had been preparing him to bring his message to those who need to hear.

Sarah grew up in Sydney, Australia and was involved in Sunday School, Kids Church, street evangelism in poor communities and youth ministry. Sarah was working for a Christian aid organisation when God called her to the Philippines. Driving to church one day Sarah was praying and asking if this was really His desire. Having only her car she prayed if she should sell her car to go. Arriving at church the pastor asked everyone to turn to Mark 10:21 "God, sell your possessions and give to the poor..." Sarah knew that God was challenging her to step out, trust in Him and go.